Principal's Message

G.Govinda Naidu, Principal

Principal Message: Technical education is considered to be a catalyst for industrial development of a nation. Women participation in technical education plays an important role in the economic growth and development of the country. Technical andvocational education enable women to be economically independentand become better homemakers.It also makes a tremendousimpact on the quality of life of womenfolk. Therefore, polytechnic educationfor women is very important part ofeducation. The highly qualified and dedicated faculty of Government Polytechnic for Women, Srikakulam along with the excellent laboratory facilities nurture students with these essential skills and make them employable and industry ready. Government Polytechnic for Women, Srikakulam has always been in the forefront in relentlessly working for the improvement in the quality of life of its students.The students of this college have been securing very good ranks in E-cet and winning Pratibha awards year after year. Our students have participated in the Polytechfests through which the creative and imaginative skills of the polytechnic students got exposed to the world.