Affiliated to State Board of Technical Education and Training AP

Government Polytechnic for Women GujarathipetaP.O.Srikakulam

GOVERNMENT POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN SRIKAKULAM.Gujarathipeta Post.SrikakulamPin -532005. 

Commissioner`s Message

Welcome to Government Polytechnic For Women, Srikakulam

Vision of the Institute

To disseminate sound technical knowledge among girl students, empowering them to attain financial freedom, combat gender discrimination and become valuable human resources for industry and society while upholding principles of fairness, respect and social responsibility

Mission of the Institute

  • Impart high quality technology education to girl students
  • Equip female students with necessary skills for self-sufficiency
  • Create an inclusive learning environment that empowers women
  • Combat gender discrimination
  • Provide outcome-based learning
  • Encourage women to participate in nation building
  • Promote ethical and moral values


Vision of the Department:
  • To develop a centre of excellence in Pharmacy,
  • Providing quality education,
  • Orientation towards industry, entrepreneurship and higher education,
  • Innovative development of pharmaceuticals,
  • Playing a pivotal role in health care system and
  • Significant contribution to the society
Mission of the Department:
  • M1 To produce Pharmacists who can understand and apply the basic principles in the field of Pharmacy.
  • M2 To educate and train the students in both the theory and practical subjects to achieve 100% success.
  • M3 To enable the Pharmacists who can serve the healthcare system and improve public health.
  • M4 To achieve 100% placements as the students are from lower income group and poor background.

Vision of the Department:

To produce Students by imparting quality education in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and its allied areas with technical skills so as to meet the industrial needs.

Mission of the Department:

To produce competent professionals with social concern and ethical standards and to cater the needs of Process Automation industries and its associated fields.

  • M1 To produce Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers who can understand and apply the basic engineering principles in the industries.
  • M2 To motivate and provide moral support to all the students to achieve 0% dropouts and 100% pass.
  • M3 To enable the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers who can serve the industries in design and development of industrial products and allied devices.
  • M4 To impart quality education through an enriched curriculum and hands on experience.

Vision of the Department:

Develop Computer Engineers to be technologically adept, innovative, self-motivated and responsible citizen with human values, high quality skills and to contribute significantly towards ever changing Computer Technologies

Mission of the Department:
  • M1 To provide opportunity to Diploma students who are capable of playing pivotal role in wide aspects of modern Computer Engineering.
  • M2 To make the students understand basic concepts underlie in Computer Engineering and able to apply them creatively in different fields of Engineering
  • M3 To train the student sensitive to the Environment, safety and economic context.
  • M4 To produce technically skilled students through intensive training in Computer Engineering tools and application and to prepare the students for professional career and further research.

We are glad to say that the Basic subjects like English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry are included in Technical Education. We teach each subject with dedication. We teach them good communication skills along with other technical skills. They were taught good practical work in physics and chemistry Laboratories. The mathematics was also taught to them with many examples and simplification process in solving problems and make them to do practice a lot both in the class room and even outside the class room by giving assignments.

Facilities We Offer


Collection of materials, books or media that are accessible for use.


Formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources.


An individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure.

Quality Education

Appropriate skills development, gender parity, provision of relevant school infrastructure.